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AcerNB-AC-5760-6880W7PAC TM5760 I3-2310M 4 320 W7P64$845.99
AcerNB-AC-5830-6626W7HAC AS5830TG I3-2330M 6 640 W7H$925.99
AcerNB-AC-5830-6662W7HAC AS5830TG I5-2430M 6 640 W7H$999.99
AcerNB-AC-5951-6879W7HPAC AS5951G I5-2410M 4 500 W7H6$1,235.99
AcerNB-AC-5951-9816W7HPAC AS5951G I7-2630QM 6 750 W7H$1,369.99
AcerNB-AC-6495-6818W7PAC TM6495TG I5-2520M 4 500 W7P$1,235.99
AcerNB-AC-6594-6600W7PACER TM6594G I50580M 4 500 W7P$1,155.99
AcerNB-AC-6595-6453W7PAC TM6595TG I5-2520M 4 500 W7P$1,315.99
AcerNB-AC-6595-6680W7PAC TM6595TG I7-2620M 8 500 W7P$1,469.99
AcerNB-AC-7552-7633W7HAC AS7552G X4 N970 6 750 W7H64$855.99
AcerNB-AC-7560-SB857W7HAC AS7560G A8-3500 6 640 W7HP6$865.99
AcerNB-AC-7740-6455W7PACER TM7740 I5-480M 4 500 W7P6$995.99
AcerNB-AC-7740-6697W7PACER TM7740 I3-380M 4 320 W7P6$925.99
AcerNB-AC-7750-4405W7HPAC AS7750 PEN B950 4 640 W7HP6$695.99
AcerNB-AC-7750-4495W7HPAC AS7750Z PEN B940 4 640 W7HP$655.99
AcerNB-AC-7750-6655W7HPAS AS7750 I3-2330M 4 750 W7HP6$745.99
AcerNB-AC-7750-6670W7PAC TM7750 I5-2410M 4 500 W7P64$1,155.99
AcerNB-AC-7750-6804W7HAC AS7750G I5-2430M 4 750 W7H6$999.99
AcerNB-AC-7750-6891W7PAC TM7750 I3-2310M 4 320 W7P64$1,049.99
AcerNB-AC-7750-9656W7HPAC AS7750G I7-2630QM 8 1TB W7H$1,389.99

Why DTI ... For Laptops:

When you buy a laptop from DTI Computers, you always get more value compared to the big box stores and other shops.

What we mean by this is that we have a higher price on our laptops when you may first look at us but we include the service and value that you expect when purchasing a computer. Other stores charge you extra for setup, antivirus, warranty and other things. That is why we win the race at the finish line and not out the gate. Here's Why:

... We do the setup

A new laptop does not go into windows right away. It needs to be set up for windows and mail as well as having all the updates. We also take out all the bloatware that comes with a laptop. This can take a while. Other stores charge up to $150 for this service while we do the setup on laptops for free.

... We don't have to sell you an Antivirus

If you want an antivirus program, most stores have to sell one to you as they can not or will not put on a free antivirus program. It is not in their model. They need to pressure sale and upsell you to make up for the price on the laptop.

At DTI Computers, we make sure that you are protected when you buy your laptop and put in a free antivirus if you do not already have something. The free antivirus software out there is very good and we don't always see the need to pay yearly to get protected. There are things that you can do for added protection and we will certainly talk to you about it.

... We extend the laptop labour warranty for free

When you buy a laptop from DTI Computers, we extend the labour warranty for free. If there is a part that breaks on the laptop, our customer just has to pay for the part for the laptop and our techs will put it in for free. That is something that you don't get at other stores and is just one more reason that we end the race at the front of the pack.

... Service, Service, Service

DTI Computers is there for you after the sale and we want to help. If there is a problem, let us know and we can try to help get it sorted out. If you need to deal with the laptop manufacture for warranty or something else, let us help. We have reps from the laptops that we sell that we can talk to and try to get things going if you hit a wall. Do you think that the local big box store will call the Western Canada rep from Acer and discuss your specific problem? I don't think so.

While we may seem more expensive in the beginning, we are confident that when you add everything together, we will come out winning the race for your business in the end.

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